Help stop a great new green tax that's about to become law!

One of the last acts of the Gillard Government was to bring in an effective green tax by stealth - and you probably didn't even hear about it!

Unless we act now, Australia’s "Illegal Logging Prohibition Act" comes into effect in 2014.

The Act will drive up costs for consumers, and potentially put 17,000 Aussie businesses at risk of shutting down while doing NOTHING for the environment. 

What this act does is create a mountain of green tape and paperwork for everyone who brings in timber products or processes logs to make furniture windows, doors, houses, boxes, or books and even make toilet paper! Small businesses will have to work on green tape almost full-time, something they just can not afford to do, while big-businesses will simply pass costs onto consumers.

Only one group of people will benefit from this - Green Groups who stand to rake in the cash by selling "certification". 

What's worse, the provisions of this bill go against everything good government should stand for and flatly violate the rule of law.

These regulations reverse the burden of proof-  and make businesses guilty unless proven innocent – and the Act makes them criminally liable  for things other people did in other countries, even if they didn’t know about them!  A small business owner could go to jail for 5 years for something they didn’t even know about!

But it gets worse. The regulations even include the disturbing establishment of a Commonwealth ‘Green Police’ force  - just think about the implication! This green police will have so much power that they can apply for warrants to “monitor” your business, inspect you, and stop your business without compensation, even if you’re not under any suspicion!

Australia already has one of the world’s most stringent environmental protections. There are laws to prevent people from buying illegal products – it’s covered under the various stolen goods acts.

Make no mistake – this is part of an anti-timber, anti-progress campaign by radical environmental extremists who want us to all go back to the stone age.

Before the last election, the Liberals promised to amend the act if they would win government.

Help us make sure the Liberals keep their word.

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